Indian Sandstone Floor Before After Cleaning Swanland

Indian Fossil Sandstone Tiles Restored in Swanland

These Indian Fossil Sandstone tiles (sometimes known as ‘Yorkstone’ tiles) at a property in the small town of Swanland near Hull were, on initial inspection, in great condition, with no cracks or damaged tiles. However, thanks to a lack of sealer, the tiles had become ingrained with dirt, resulting in a heavy soil buildup that dulled the appearance of the stone. Also noticeable were some unsightly cement splashes around the grout lines.

Indian Sandstone Floor Before Cleaning Swanland
The property owner contacted me with the problem and I recommended that the tiles were simply in need of a deep clean and seal and after arranging a date I went over to carry out the job.

Cleaning an Indian Fossil Sandstone Floor

I started the job by tackling the cement splashes around the grout lines. In this case I opted to carefully break them down manually using a good old fashioned hammer and chisel, whereas when it comes to stubborn adhesive and paint stains I would recommend a specialised cleaner such as Tile Doctor Remove & Go.

The first step of cleaning the main area of Sandstone tiles was to mix a solution of one part Tile Doctor Pro Clean to four parts water, before applying it to the stone and scrubbing it in with a black pad fitted to a rotary machine. This helped to break down the heavy soil build up, and is an effective method for doing so on most types of natural stone floor.

Indian Sandstone Floor During Cleaning Swanland
The second step involved rinsing the floor with Tile Doctor Neutral Cleaner to neutralise the floor (after exposure to the high alkaline Pro Clean) and remove the other products used to clean the surface. This also helped to shift any remaining ingrained dirt caused by a lack of sealer, leaving the tiles clean and ready to receive a new seal.

Sealing an Indian Fossil Sandstone Floor

After completing the clean, I left the property to allow the floor to dry overnight. Upon my return the next day, I checked for excess moisture and, once satisfied the floor was dry, I proceeded to seal the floor with four coats of Tile Doctor Seal & Go. Checking for excess moisture prior to sealing is essential as it can cloud the sealer and damage its performance.

Seal & Go is a water-based topical sealer designed to build up stain resistant
protection on the surface of the floor and to allow moisture vapour transmission. It
is typically used to seal internal, unsealed porous surfaces, including Sandstone,
Quarry and Victorian tiled floors and being water based you don’t get a smell as it dries.

Indian Sandstone Floor After Cleaning Swanland
These once dull and dirty Sandstone tiles are now restored back to looking their best thanks to a deep clean. With the addition of a fresh seal, the tiles are protected against future soil build up and spillages, and have an aesthetically pleasing low-sheen finish.

Dirty and Dull Indian Fossil Sandstone Tiled Floor Refreshed in East Yorkshire

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  1. Sealers protect your floor from staining and enhance the floor of the stone, however they do wear down over time depending on floor traffic and what products are used to clean the floor (don’t use anything even mildly acidic) and this is when dirt can become ingrained in the stone, so if you do want to keep your floor looking its best talk to Tile Doctor their regular maintenance service that will ensure your sealer is kept topped up.

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